Drones and Gimbals 



DJI Mavi Pro

I used to have a phantom pro....but hated carrying it.  Heck, whenever I had a job that required me to travel, I never took my drone only rented one.  Then this snazzy little bad boy came out.  I can fold it up and put it in my camera bag.  No biggie, no fuss and it's on it's way.  



DJI Spark

I can throw this in my cargo shorts (yes I wear cargo shorts) pocket and forget about it until lI need it.  You can fly it with either the controller or your mobile device.  but, I suggest you stay away from flying with your mobile device, if anything happens course correction with a mobile device is near impossible.


DJI Osmo 

This Video Cameras and Gimbal in one is fantastic.  High Quality 4K video, 120fps slow motion, and nice sharp lens all in the palm of your hand.  Before this it was thousands of dollars to get this kind of capability.  And now that I have the Oslo Mobile attachment, I can use it with my iPhone!  Talk about convenience and awesomeness!