About Mark Rigsby


The Story is Everything...


That is my belief, that no matter what you use, what you shoot, or where you're at, the story is everything.  

     But life tells it's own story, it takes you from point to point and drags you up and down.  But in the end, I honestly believe that with hard work, a little luck and a huge amount of desire,  you'll find the place you're meant to be.  

     This crazy journey started out in the hallowed halls of the University of Houston.  I entered that institution thinking I would be the next great American Author.  I quickly learned (or was told) that I was a better poet.  That conversation led me farther down the creative rabbit hole.  It was during a joint project with the photography department that I discovered a new obsession.  A botched project led me to a pawn shop armed with freshly earned (I sold a car speaker) cash which I used to purchase an old Pentax camera and lens.  Which Pentax I couldn't tell you but it was my chosen weapon against my ever growing sense of blahdom (a combination of boredom and being blah, the ultimate affliction).   I set out to conqure a new creative kingdom and I was using the campus squirrels and a errant, ground captured ballon as my ammunition.  

     After receiving my BFA, I found myself in the funhouse known as corporate life.  I sat in a high backed leather executive chair playing the part of Owner.  But, no matter how well business went, that act was a limited engagement.   The voice of the creative called too loud and was too insistent to ignore.  Starting as a small soft hiss in the back of my mind and eventually growing to a thunderous song.  A tune so loud that when presented with an escape from my corporate prison, I took it.  MDR Foto, Inc was created and my journey took a much needed course correction! 

     And so I find myself full circle.   From wanting a creatively driven life, through an apathetic wandering of the corporate maze, back to a creatively driven life.  I am married to a wonderful woman, the father of two incredible children and the caretaker to crazy food stealing flat coated retriever who can't comprehend that 100 pounds eliminates her from the lap dog category.  

Oh!  Did I forget to mention I get to photograph people in costumes...yeah, that's pretty awesome!


This is the story I'm living and the story is everything!


Mark Rigsby runs MDR Foto, Inc out of Houston, Tx but travels all over the world shooting client assignments.